The New Arts Foundation

mental health awareness
empowering the Outsider.


The New Arts Foundation is a nonprofit that raises funds and awareness for mental health initiatives through the promotion of Outsider Art. Using boutique events and fundraisers, we empower the underserved — those suffering from mental health issues, as well as artists with fresh, underrepresented voices. We endeavor to challenge two norms at once: the stigma surrounding mental illness & the exclusivity of art and who can make it. Proceeds from the events go toward select mental health initiatives in the Los Angeles area.

The New Arts Foundation draws on the unique synthesis between healing and art. With the biannual New Arts Festival, and smaller boutique events, we raise awareness and funds for regional charities through the celebration of Outsider Artists, whose work exists outside the mainstream. This never-before-seen content from innovative and unknown artists, housed in unique, non-traditional venues, makes for a memorable, immersive event. As such, the festivals are an exercise in community building and fostering relationships that lead to real change.

In a way, we are all Outsiders. What makes us unique can, at times, make us feel “different” — marginalized and alone. The New Arts Foundation believes these differences should be celebrated. We promote Outsider Artists to do just that. And we do so in a festival atmosphere because it is community, after all, that makes us whole. With that as the foundation, the link to mental health becomes clear: through community, we realize we are not alone. Through community, we heal.

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